Fancy yourself as a landlord? Or maybe already a landlord, though looking to expand your property portfolio and acquire further investment opportunities?

The team here at Rochester Lettings specialises in property investment in the Rochester and surrounding Medway Towns. Knowledge is key, and with decades of experience and a portfolio of investments, we would be more than happy to share some of it!

Property investment, while at times lucrative, can also be stressful. Buying the right property at the right time seems obvious, but what is the right property? And when is the right time? What are the benefits of a freehold over leasehold? What should I be looking for, or more importantly, avoiding?

The questions can seem endless, and while some are easy to answer, some are very much personal to you and the sort of investment you are looking for.

We offer any potential investor a chance to come and meet the team for our ‘Investment 101’ where we can discuss some of the ‘ins-and-outs’ of not only what constitutes an ideal investment, but more importantly what it means to be an investor.

For those overseas unable to join, we are more than happy to discuss via email or phone, and are able to view and report on potential properties on your behalf if requested.

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