OnMeJack Productions Limited; Web Designers are committed to designing accessible websites.

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) was passed in 1995 (updated 1999 & 2004) to end the discrimination that many disabled people face and this website passes the WAI level 'triple A' guidelines relating to accessibility to W3C Standards. All pages on this website have been validated for HTML and CSS, as depicted by the relevant icons at the bottom of each page.

Further information regarding the DDA can be found at the Disability Rights Commission and information regarding accessible websites at Making Websites Accessible.

Site Navigation

All main web pages use similar navigation and page structure. Site specific navigation may be found under the Company name and image at the top of all main pages, examples as below

Navigation for sub pages / usability issues (at the top of the page), are made up of the following;

Graphic - versus - Text Only

We have made the website available in either graphic mode, whereby images and coloured text are available, or in text only mode with black text on a white background and without images. The contrast can also be changed so that yellow text is presented on black background.

Resizeable Text

We have made the text on the website adjustable, so that it can be altered making it easier to read. We have supplied links to increase and decrease the size of the text


To adjust the text in Internet Explorer

Select the "View" menu Select the "Text Size" option from the menu. Click on the text size you want to view. or Hold down the Control (Ctrl) key and scroll the mouse wheel to increase/decrease the size of the text.

Images and Alt Tags

We have added 'Alt' tags (text alternatives) on all images, allowing for images to be switched off, or screen readers be used.

A long description has been added if necessary and can be located by the 'd' link

Access Key Information

This web page summarises accessibility enhancements made to this site and listed below are the specific access keys implemented to allow a user to navigate using the keyboard.

0 - Access Keys
1 - Home Page
2 - Property Page
3 - Sitemap
4 - Search
5 - Accessibility
6 - Text Only Home Page
7 - Change Contrast
8 - Text Size Increase
9 - Text Size Decrease
r - email Rochester Lettings
d - Long description for the conformance icons

How to use Access Keys

This depends on your operating system and the type and version of your browser:

PC running Windows using Internet Explorer v5+:
Press and hold the ALT key, press the Access Key and then press ENTER.

PC running Windows using Internet Explorer v4.x:
Press and hold the ALT key, press the Access Key of your choice.

PC running Windows using Netscape v6+ or Mozilla:
Press and hold the ALT key, then press the Access Key of your choice.

Macintosh computer using Internet Explorer v5+ :
Press and hold Control and then press the Access Key.

Note that Opera and earlier versions of the above browsers do not support Access Keys.

More information about access keys can be found at W3C Accessibility Guidelines.

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